Mr Brizizzle Littrell-Carter (bri_littrell) wrote in ac_claim,
Mr Brizizzle Littrell-Carter

My First Claims

I hereby claim Bethany Joy-Lenz as the most amazing, intelligent, talented, and beautiful person in the world. No other girl is allowed that title, oh and I also claim her as my sunshine on a rainy day *laugh*

I also claim Kevin Richardson as my cousin and secret keeper. Love you, man

I claim Nick Carter as my best friend, the second half to 'Frick and Frack,' and my basketball partner.

I also claim Emmy Chriqui as my little sister. No one mess with her, because I will be watching.

I claim Brittany Murphy as my crazy 'Wango Tango' buddy and my second favorite actress. Sorry, Brit, Sandra Bullock still has you there. ;)

and last, but not least I claim Jessica Simpson as my other little sister because she is just an amazing person and very enjoyable to talk to, and she came with my little sister, Emmy, when I became her big brother ;)

I love all you guys!

I am also sorry for being stupid and posting this twice. I really don't know how these things happen.
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